Culinary Lavender Bunches,

Beautifully wrapped dried lavender bunches tied by Diane with raffia and a Farm tag. These Culinary bunches are hand picked at perfection and properly dried in the Farm barn.  Your bunch could be made of the following lavenders based on availability: Lavandula angustifolia officianalis- the true English Lavender, the sweetest of all, the one to cook with or add to tea, Lavandula x intermedia "Provence" (a hybrid) and Lavandula Freda,  "Ma's Variety" - this is a variety our wonderful bees pollinated on their own, a very happy combination of the lavender we grow on the farm, a darker blue and a stronger scent!


Lavender Lady Poster



f you've visited our booth at any one of the Art & Wine fairs that we do every year you've seen her - the Lavender Lady. No, we don't mean Diane Meehan, we mean the other Lavender Lady, the beautiful painting in front of our booth of the mystical and enchanting Lavender Lady you see here.  

Painted by Diane's sister, renowned illustrator Maryjo Koch,


this picture draws you in and won't let go of you...

The Best Quality Paper, 80# Cover Weight

15 1/4" x 24"



14.50 / bunch box

Lavender Interlude:

(Notes on the culinary use of our beloved Lavender.)

For your reference, a cookbook called "The Lavender Cookbook" by Sharon Shipley is a great reference with quite a bit of information about the wonders of lavender along with recipes!  

Please Note: Our Lavender Bunches, organically grown, yield the culinary/edible buds whereas the Lavender Buds in Bulk do not (as we fill out our lavender harvest for the bud bags with Lavender from France).*


Local Honey
in the following flavors:

• True Lavender Honey
• Lavender Infused
• Orange Blossom
• Big Sur Wild

• Yellow Star Thistle

13.99 each

4 oz.
True Lavender Honey
out of stock
8 oz.
Lavender Infused
8 oz.
Orange Blossom
8 oz.
Big Sur Wild
8 oz.
Yellow Star Thistle
out of stock

Gift Basket & Card or
Gift Box & Card
Includes a beautiful box with distinctive packaging includes card with a personal note... 15.00
Gift Box & Card
Gift Basket & Card

Pure Natural
Lavender Oil

Lavender, Angustifolia, 1/2 ounce in cobalt blue glass. Use it for all aroma therapy, also very effective on mosquito bites, minor kitchen and wood stove burns, scenting of sheets in the dryer and for the bath.
1/2 ounce 9.95
2 ounce 35.50
4 ounce 65.00 4ozLavOil

Lavender Buds
in Bulk

roperly dried in our barn, hand stripped sifted and free of stems.
A blend of all our lavenders, with a nice well rounded scent.

1 ounce 3.99


Terra Cotta Scenting Bottle
With Oil

Hand made by our family potter. High fired with a beautiful dark green glaze on the bottom. Hand colored instruction card and half ounce bottle of oil included. Half a thimble or a capful of oil will scent for one to two weeks. Many years ago in Provence, a person could find these vessels in every village.


Available with the following oils:


• Lemon Verbena
• Rose Geranium

Lemon Verbena
1/2oz Rose Geranium 24.50


Fine English Lavender Soap
The cornerstone of our business, made entirely by hand in small batches.  Contains pure natural Lavender Oils, including Croatian Lavender Oil, Pure First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Confectioners Grade Coconut Oil, and our own deep well water. Double tissue wrapped, labeled with art by renowned illustrator Maryjo Koch. The best there is!

large 5.5 ounces 8.99
small 1.25 ounces 3.99

Lavender Gardeners Salve

While still the gardening necessity, our salve has also proven to be very effective in healing dry elbows, knees, heels, hands and cuticles. Contains Pure and Extra Virgin olive oil, pharmaceutical grade cocoa butter and premium beeswax.

4 oz 14.99
2 oz 7.99


Soap & Salve Combo
Our small soaps, lavender, verbena, rose geranium & rosemary, with like salves!  Gift ready in a cello bag and our BDF tag!  Mmmmm, you smell good.


Lavender Soap & Salve  
Verbena Soap & Salve
Rose Geranium Soap & Salve
Rosemary Soap & Salve

Lavender Shampoo

Our own premium compound with Aloe and vitamin E. Both effective and gentle.

8 oz 14.99
2 oz 5.50
Gallon 140.00
Pump 6.95
(for gallon container)

Lavender Conditioner

A fine companion to our shampoo.

8 oz 14.99
2 oz 5.50
Gallon 140.00
Pump 6.95
(for gallon container)

Lavender Body Lotion
One of our most popular products. It's softening action is superior to most lotions on the market. No sticky or oily residue.
8 oz - 14.99
2 oz - 4.25
Gallon 140.00
Pump 6.95
(for gallon container)

Lavender Body Wash
By request from our customers, we have introduced a truly premium liquid body wash. Gently scented with our pure natural Lavender oil.

8 oz - 14.99
Gallon 140.00
Pump 6.95
(for gallon container)

Massage Oil

A blend containing highly refined Coconut and Olive oils, very clear in appearance. Gently scented with our pure natural Lavender oil.
8 oz - 17.99
Gallon 180.00
Pumps 6.95
(for gallon container)


Violet Goat Milk Soap

Handmade Goat Milk Soap
Violet was one of my Mom's favorite goats.   
My Mom made cheese, not soap, but here
we are today at our Farm producing a goat's
milk soap in Violet's name.  
She lives on!

Goat Milk Soap 9.49



Lavender Trio Set

A two ounce version of our premium lavender lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Great for quick gift ideas. A must for travel.

Gift Ready, wrapped in cello bag, tied in raffia w/ BDF tag

Trio Set - 2 oz per bottle
Shampoo Single 2 oz btl
Conditioner Single 2 oz btl
Out Of Stock
Body Lotion Single 2 oz btl

Lavender Crème Perfume
A traditional way of scenting with a natural oil that enjoys a longer life, thanks to its beeswax and sweet Almond oil base. With pure Lavender Angustifolia.

1/2 ounce 22.00



Spirits of Lavender

A true cologne, our Spirits of Lavender is made with four types of pure botanical lavender oils, three of which are grown on the Farm, and spirits of wine. Great to use as a room freshener, on the skin and as a linen spray!

4 oz 32.00
1 oz 12.95
½ oz 8.50

Eau de Cologne
Small Batch Colognes and Perfumes

Spray in 3.56 ounce glass bottle. True to the authentic French methodology. With pure natural oils of Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Attar of Rose Bulgarian and spirits of wine.

3.56 ounces 40.00
Out Of Stock
½ ounce 8.95
Out Of Stock

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Hand embroidered sachets by our family friend Ruth Rasmussen. Sewn one at a time and embroidered with French knots. Each one, an heirloom. Nice placed on a dresser, next to a bed, in a special drawer or between pillows for a relaxed sleep.

2 ounces 32.00


Small Lavender Sachet

Trraditional muslin bags, a 4 pack of a half ounce of lavender each , packaged in a cello bag with our hand colored tag with farm logo.
Tuck these in with your linens, sweaters, or under your pillow (crush to refresh) or pop in the dryer for a lavender scented laundry!!!

1oz Sachet- 14.99
4 x 1/2 oz  12.99
Pack in a cellophane bag tied with our BDF tag:


avender Spritzer
- Floral Water

Water component of the essential oil distillation process. Very effective at remoistening face and skin, whether at 30,000 feet in an airliner, or at home, office or car. Defeat the drying heat in a moist satisfying way. A pure product, nothing artificial or reconstituted.



large 8 oz
small 2 oz


Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender and Flax filled Satin Pillow for a stress free sleep. A generous size, beautifully hand crocheted by our neighbor Ruth Rasmussen, this Lavender and Flax filled Satin Pillow - for a stress free sleep.

12 ounces 36.00
Out Of Stock

Lavender Gift Set

Lavender Gift Set is perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries or any other Special Occasion. Included in this gift box are lotion, body wash, large soap, salve, crochet cotton washcloth (red or white) and a special sachet filled with lavender buds, all handmade at the Farm.

Price includes a Farm Note Card
with your special message.

Lavender Gift Set 82.00



Custom Gift Boxes, Executive Gifts, Wedding Registry
We will make any Gift Box variation that you desire for that special person and welcome
Executive Gift orders as well as Wedding/Special Occastion Registry.
Give us a call! We join you in giving the best.

Replace the beautiful White washcloth
with Red or Purple or Green or Rose or Sage
An option that enlivens any gift!

Just indicate your choice on the pulldown menu in the shopping cart.

This sturdy washcloth made with pure cotton is a value at 6.25!  Hand-crocheted by our neighbor and friend Ruth Rasmussen, we are pleased to offer it to you in white or red or green or purple or sage or green!
Wash Cloth
Choose from:
Red, White, Purple, Green, Rose and Sage


Lavender Bath Salts

Enough to take 3 luxurious baths.
Our ingredients include natural
Sea Salt, Epson Salt and pure Lavender Oil.


3-pack 12.95
Single (1)  Bag Bath Salts
ith BDF tag: 3.29

Bonny Doon Farm Note Card

Field of Lavender and Drying Barn, Bonny Doon,
Santa Cruz CA.


Measures 6"x 4" blank inside

Gift Box

Window boxes with our distinctive Bonny Doon Farm ribbon, or if you please with your men's selection, our Meehans Mens Line ribbon.  Beautiful presentation showing off our labels, the items and Gift Card with your message included.

Note:  These boxes hold either 2-3 items for the 6X6 or 3-5 items for the 8X8 box.  If two or more are needed, an additional charge may apply.

8x8x2 10.00
6x6x2 6.00

Gift Box & BDF Card (6x6x2)
Gift Box & BDF Card (8x8x2)
Other Options available upon request!
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